We are proud to be announcing our new technology for skin care in Melbourne! We are calling out to our clients in St Kilda, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park and beyond, discover the difference an oxygen facial can make!

The Intraceutical Oxygen Facial!

If you want fresher, healthier looking skin, J-Beauty delivers this innovative oxygen facial treatment from salons in South Melbourne  – meaning we are ideally located for those in Port Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

FAQs about oxygen facials

  1. What does the Intraceutical Oxygen system do?
      Provides rich concentration of oxygen for direct application to the skin as an essential component in skin care applications.
      Takes oxygen from the surrounding air (which comprises up to 21% oxygen) using a specialized molecular-sieve filtration system.
      Provides a continuous stream of therapeutic oxygen that is readily available, constantly renewable and always reliable.
  2. How does Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion work?
      Oxygen under pressure is applied directly to the skin’s surface – cooling and calming the skin while restoring skins natural vitality and glow.
      Pressurized oxygen helps increase the absorption of the Infusion so that your skin will hold hydration and moisture in a completely new way.
      Once hydration is balanced, your skin will look and feel healthier and more balanced – additionally, many other common skin complaints will naturally disappear.
  3. Benefits of Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion:
      Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
      The Intraceutical infusion of serum and oxygen maximizes tissue saturation, helps moisturize and give a finer, younger-looking outer layer.
      The infusion delivers essential moisture factors, vitamins, antioxidants and often targeted treatments for the fine lines, uneven skin tone and sun damage.
      The combination of oxygen and specialized infusions initiates osmotic hydration leaving the skin noticeably firmer and glowing with a visible lift.
      Bring instant visible result
      Aids in the surface pigment dispersion
      Maintain skin elasticity and texture
  4. Ranges of serum will be used during the treatment:
      Rejuvenation Serum
      Brightening Serum
      Atoxelene Serum: Rapidly wrinkles reduction
      Clarity Serum: Help decreases Acne, reduce inflammation, clear pores, calm oil production and shininess
  5. Ingredients in product ranges:
      Vitamin A
      Vitamin E
      Vitamin C
      Green tea
      Aloe Vera
      Squalane: Absorption enhancer, conditioner
      Hyaluronic Acid: Balances skin moisture and increases skin volume, defines and enhances facial contour – for younger looking skin.
      Bisabolol: Skin conditioner
      Panthenol: Skin conditioner
      Wheatgerm: Reinforces the skin’s barrier and has excellent conditioning properties.

With salons in South Melbourne, we are ideally located for those on the south side of the river!

Searching for a reputable salon that offers oxygen facials for clients in South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda and surrounding suburbs? Look no further than the experienced technicians at J-Beauty.

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