JB Eyelash Extension Specialist Policy

  1. All skincare products are very delicate so products can only be exchanged within 3 days of purchase.
  2. There is no refund for any service or products purchased. Please refer to the Refund Policies for more information below.
  3. Please arrive on time as the treatment time may be shorten
  4. Late arrival without any notice will be charged $25.
  5. If you are 20 minutes late (given the fact that the notice has been provided), the appointment will be rescheduled to another time without any charge.
  6. With the clients who buy voucher/s for any service, the voucher/s will not be converted to cash in any circumstances. In particular, clients who want to upgrade to a larger set of eyelash extension, the offer of the upgrade is only valid on the day (or before) you come for the service. No upgrades will be accepted after the service has been completed.
  7. With the clients who buy a voucher for eyelash extension service, the upgrade fee must be paid up front. There is no refund for the upgrade fee.
  8. Vouchers will be voided if clients do not turn up for their appointments without any notice. (notice will not be accepted after the appointment time)
  9. Gift vouchers/online vouchers must be used before the given expiry date. If no expiry date is stated, gift vouchers are valid only in 2 months after the purchase date.
  10. No pets will be allowed in the salon
  11. Children must be under the supervision of adults at all times. Please arrange a person to come with you to look after your children. We are not liable for any injuries that might occur to your children in the salon, and any damage to the salon/products will be your liability.
  12. Regarding Eyelash Extension services, besides all policies listed in the consent form, if the majority of the eyelash extensions fall off (10 – 15 lashes) within 3 days after the day the service is provided, we are more than happy to touch up for you for free. However, if there are more than 3 days, we are not responsible for any fee that might occur for refill or a full set.
  13. We are not responsible if you pull your lashes out with or without any purpose.
  14. To prevent multiple uses of the same promotion by the same person, we might ask for a photo ID.
  15. Promotions cannot be combined.
  16. If you have any allergies, please inform staffs. JB will not be responsible for any issues if they are not informed.
  17. 15% surcharge will be applied on public holidays.

JB Eyelash Extension Specialist Refund Policy

  1. For any products you have purchased (all of the below conditions need to be met for a refund);
    1. No refunds will be granted to already opened products.
    2. As serum products are very delicate, there will be no refund/swap granted once you leave any of our stores.
    3. 3 days are allowed for all other products to be brought back for refund or swap, given that the product is found faulty.
    4. Please be aware of your body conditions (e.g: allergy, skin conditions, etc..)before purchasing the products to avoid any negative reaction which we cannot be responsible for.
  2. For any service related concerns (all of the below conditions need to be met for a refund);
    1. A refund is applicable ONLY when you are not satisfied with the result of the treatment, and the following conditions need to be met:
      1. You will need to inform the therapist RIGHT AFTER the service is completed
      2. Once you have left the shop, you will not be eligible for any refunds


JB Eyelash Extension Specialist Promotions applicable in South Melbourne store ONLY

*All promotions cannot be combined.


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*Excluding Natural and Wing Set

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